Water and Oil "Fireworks"

This was a pretty neat activity and I'm sure kids of all ages would love this! It's called "Water and Oil Fireworks"! Everything you need for this you probably already have.

Here's what you will need:     
- jar or container of some sort
- food coloring 
- bowl to mix oil and food coloring
- vegetable oil or baby oil ( I used vegetable oil )

Directions are in the picture captions. Have fun!

Picture of all the ingredients

Put just a FEW drops of food coloring in the oil ( I did 4 drops of red, 4 drops of yellow and 4 drop of green ) the first time I did this I used too much food coloring and it didn't work. After you added the food coloring to the oil stir.

Pour the oil/food coloring mix into the water jar.

Then watch your "fireworks"!!

So cool!


  1. I think I'm going to try this tonight or tomorrow with Eli! :)

  2. Well what a simple entertainment.

    Thanks for stopping by We All Start Mondays Together Linky Party
    Oh My Heartsie Gil

  3. That's a sweet trick! I am going to pass this onto friends.

    Found you at the We Start Monday’s Together Blog Hop

  4. This is so neat! I'm going to try it out with my girls this weekend! =)

  5. This is a cute and simple experiment to do with the kids. I really love this idea. I will have to try this one myself. Thanks for sharing it and linking up with The Mom Diaries


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