Nuby Sport Sipper

When I got the opportunity I was very excited and anxious to try this sipper with my son. At first it was a great sippy, no leaks or spills! But, my almost 2 year old son figured out how to take the clear spout off and spilled his watered down apple juice everywhere in our car. I was disappointed. So needless to say this cup will be used when I can see him at all times, no more in the car.

 About the Nuby Sport Sipper:
  • Sized just right for little hands to grip
  • Easy to use sport sipper straw that is durable enough for your child's newly formed sharp teeth.
  • No spills or leaks ( unless your son is like mine and is able to take the spout off ) 
  • Available in a variety of cute designs

Perfect for small hands.

Close up of the inside of the lid.

The clear thing is what my son took off.. He pushes it in with his thumbs and it pops right out. ):

My Final Thoughts
The Nuby Sport Sipper would be a great cup for my son, if only he couldn't take the spout off. We will still be using this cup just under closer supervision.

About Nuby
At Nuby™ we strive towards making the lives of parents and children easy, simple and fun. The highest quality standards, global trends and continual product development help us bring parents everything they need for their baby’s development. Our products are inspired by nature and offer the best, safest and most simple choices for you and your baby.

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