It Works! Wrap from Confessions of a Wrap Mom

Tonight I have a special guest post from Leah over at Confessions of a Wrap Mom! She is a fellow mommy blogger and friend. Thank you Leah for sharing this post about your awesome products! :)

Have you tried that crazy wrap thing?!? 

The Ultimate Body Applicator, or wrap, is an all natural cloth infused with powerful botanicals that tighten, tone, and firm the skin that it is applied to. Most people see results in as little as 45 minutes. The best part is results are also progressive as the ingredients in the wrap continue to work on your skin for a total of 72 hours. 

The wrap can be applied to any area of the body under your chin! 
Love handles 
And more!

Some crazy fun facts about the Ultimate Body Applicator: 
*It was a $300 spa treatment in Europe for 12 years before It Works! Global bought the rights to it 
*Tightens, tones, and firms 
*Hollywood placed the wraps in their Emmy & Oscar gift suites! 
*Used by many celebrities and used on the set of Sex and the City 2! 
*Helps reduce cellulite 
*Improves the overall appearance of skin 
*Mess free and very easy to use 
*Results in as little as 45 minutes! 
*Progressive results over 72 hours! 
*All natural and botanically based

Each box of Ultimate Body Applicators includes 4 wraps. Keep in mind, in order to benefit from a FULL TREATMENT you should consider using all 4 wraps in the same area.

There are various ways that you can experience the Ultimate Body Applicator for yourself. You can host a party and try a wrap for FREE! If you don't live close, that's no problem. We can do an online party. Or you can purchase wraps directly from my website:

Are you ready to wrap?!   

You can read more about my journey with It Works Global and all kinds of other great mommy things at my blog:!! 


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