I have been nominated for the "Liebster Award"!

Thanks so much for the nomination, This Ole Mom & MaMade Diaries! I was actually nominated twice, I just haven't had the time to do this post until now. Sorry ladies!
Step 1: Acknowledge your nominator by saying thank you publicly : Thank you MaMade Diaries and This Ole Mom for nominating me .. Life as a Mommy!

Step 2: So now I have to nominate 11 blogs which I like with fewer than 200 followers (not exactly sure on which social media the following counts, but I used Facebook, Twitter and Google to find these awesome blogs)

(if you are a nominee and do accept, please do all the steps and spread the lovin'!)

Step 3: let them know of their nomination

Step 4: Now it is my turn to share 11 random facts about myself:

1) I'm a Mom to 2 year old boy named Grant.
3) I love coffee
4) I love anything pumpkin flavored
5) I love spending time with my son
6) I love to crochet
7) I love doing crafts with my son
8) I love taking pictures
9) I have been married for 2 years
10) I love my family
11) Fall is my favorite season

Step 5: Q&A asked by my nominator :Teach Me Mommy

1) Where do you live? Pittsburgh
2) How long have you been blogging? 1 year
3) What is your favorite television show? The Walking Dead
4) What do you do for me time? Crochet or paint my nails
5)Where do you find your inspiration to blog? My life as a Mommy
6) Do you have a silly habit? What? uhm.. none that I can think of..
7) Where do you link up? lots of places.. I have a tab on my blog.. check it out.
8) Are you a morning or night person? night
9) Do you work outside the home? nope
 10) Who is your favorite actor or actress? don't really have a "favorite"
11) Do you have a favorite song? What? I have lots of favorite songs..

Step 6: Now for the questions that must be answered by the nominees:

1) What's your favorite season?
2) Do you like pro sports? If so, who is your favorite team(s)?
3) How old are you?
4) What's your favorite food?
5) Why do you like to blog?
6) What made you want to start blogging?
7) What is your favorite holiday?
8) Where is the best place you have traveled?
9) Where are you from?
10) What's your favorite movie?
11) What is one thing someone might not know about you?

Keep this award going and remember to have fun with it! :) If you like what you just read please click to send a quick vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs- The best mommy blog directory featuring top mom bloggers


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