Baby Food Jar Pumpkins!

I figured with Halloween coming I would start posting some Fall/Halloween themed crafts. So, here is my first Halloween craft!

Baby Food Jar Pumpkins!! :)

Here's what you will need:
- baby food jars ( we used 3 ) you could use any size jar you like.
- orange construction paper ( and black if you would rather cut out eyes, nose and mouth for your pumpkin and glue it on
- sharpie ( we used it to draw the face on ) 
- green pipe cleaner
- glue
- tape

This was my son's favorite part.. Rip up some orange construction paper and wrinkle up the ripped pieces.. Then stuff the baby food jars!

My son stuffing the baby food jars.

Ripped and wrinkled construction paper stuffed into the baby food jars

Next replace the lids onto the baby food jars.  

This next step you could either draw your pumpkin face on with a sharpie or use a piece of black construction paper and cut out your face pieces. I chose to do the sharpie. My son was fascinated sitting on my lap watching me draw the face.

My sharpie pumpkin face.

Next is the green pipe cleaner. I cut the long piece into three smaller pieces and then curled each piece around my finger. I tried gluing the pipe cleaners onto the lid but my son ended up pulling them off ( probably because I only have elmers glue ) so I used a few pieces of clear tape.. which worked just as well.

Here is a picture of our finished Baby Food Jar Pumpkins!!!

I hope you enjoyed our Halloween craft.. Please keep checking back for more Fall/Halloween crafts. :)

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