Homemade Stamps!

I have been saving bottle caps for awhile now from milk jugs, soda bottles, juice bottles to have for crafts. It's a rainy day here in Pittsburgh so I decided to put some to use. I made some Homemade Stamps! 

My son had so much fun and kept singing "dot, dot, dot" while he was stamping. This is a cheap and fun activity for kids of ALL ages! 

Here's what you will need: ( pictures of supplies will be included in this post )
- foam stickers
- paint ( we used fingerpaint and washable kids' paint )
- bottle caps
- paper ( we used construction paper )

TIP! At first I dipped the stamp into the globs of paint.. but that didn't do very well. So I used a paint brush to spread the paint out more, and that worked MUCH better! Hope this tip helps.

Here are a few pictures of the stampers! All I did was put the foam stickers on the flat part of the bottle cap!

Here are the stamps in action! :)

After a bit my son just wanted to paint with his hands.
More painting with his hands!


  1. Stephanie I love this! I think Eli and I are going to have to do this some day too! Looks like fun :)



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