I love you.. Blighted ovum poem

I loved you the moment I knew you what you would come to be.

I loved you when I found out you where the size of a grain of salt.

I loved you when I learned you were growing to be the size of a small seed.

I loved you even more when I learned that your heart had started to beat and you looked like a little bean.

I loved you when I read you where the size a blueberry.

I loved picking out names and daydreaming if you would look like me.

I loved you even when I learned that you were never any of these things not grain of salt, a seed, a bean or a blueberry. I still love you, although you did not grow in my belly, you grew in my heart.

I love you....


  1. Such a sweet poem Stephanie. Sometimes our dreams take on a spirit of their own, one that you'll keep in your heart forever. Your "hope baby" is just yet still to come. HUGS!


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